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Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Research

  Lake and Associates is a comprehensive communications firm-specializing in advertising, marketing, public relations, and research that's located in Northeastern Ohio. The work we do on behalf of our clients is designed to distance your company from the competition through strategic and effective communications.

Our agency is a proponent of creativity.

  Communications planning and repetition are what effect sales growth

Jim Collins, author of the best selling business books Good-to-Great and Built to Last, significantly motivated our agency through his written work.

In a society inundated with ongoing multiple and simultaneous messages, our agency offers communication strategies that has the power to gain hold of a consumers attention.

Creativity must be fueled and focused with a winning game plan, that has the sole objective of advancing the client's interests, measured in terms of the amount of goods and services sold.

At Lake and Associates, one of our measures of success is our impact on the client's sales growth.

  Lake and Associates is motivated by:

    1. advertising awards
 2. realizing that competition is capitalism

Creative, strategic and effective mass communication is our corporate ideology. We always
ask our clients what they want. A clients initial input is the base from which Lake and Associates constructs.

  Summarized and paraphrased, the value most frequently cited by our  
  clients are
  1. Integrity
  2. Honest assessment of the client's challenges and strategy
  3. Fair pricing, execution and on time delivery
  4. Understanding the competition and the micro & macro economics of business

We integrate these staples into our working relationship with our clients to create a harmonious business arrangement.

To further discuss how our agency can create effective advertising, marketing, public relations or research, that's tailored made for your business, in order for your business to create a greater market share, contact -  Herb Lake Jr.


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